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In the center of Vladivostok there is a well-known Ocean Avenue (Okeanskiy prospect). It starts from the main square of the city, stretches past Kuper’s valley and reaches People’s Avenue (Narodniy prospect). Constructed in 1868, in connection with the development of the city, this is one of the first streets of the settlement, originally called Chinese Street. The old and modern names of the street, especially its location and tracing reflect the stages of the urban history of the capital of Primorsk Region..

Ocean Avenue like an open-air museum, has kept many historical monuments.

Vladivostok Old City

In the set of buildings under number 26 on Ocean Avenue, built in 1896-1898, bearing in its appearance some stylized elements of the ancient Russian decor, a hundred years ago the Siberian Residence hotel was located. Then, it belonged to a Vladivostok merchant Isai Zimmerman.

Over the years, famous people stayed at the hotel: Professor P.V. Wittenburg, academician V.L. Komarov, singer A. Vyaltseva and others.

Виттенбург Комаров Вяльцева

The newspaper "Far East" on May 18, 1903 wrote: "THE SIBERIAN RESIDENCE HOTEL. VLADIVOSTOK. 30 well-furnished rooms (from 1 to 5 rubles) were updated and a perfect order was introduced. At the hotel, there is a sauna with a bath and a shower. The prices are significantly reduced".

A small restaurant with "home cuisine" was opened at the hotel, as reflected in the 1906 address-calendar.

In the early 1920s, the owners of the hotel, Zimmerman brothers, left for America. The main building as a hotel existed until 1944, then it was settled by the families of officers of the Pacific Navy, the building in the yard was turned into communal apartments.

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